St Mary's Church, Aberfoyle

Prayers for You

We hope that these Prayers will help you.
If you have any favourites that you would like us to include, do let us know.

To help you, use a little time in Prayer


Be still for a moment, let the peace of the church surround you, as you sit or kneel.

Awareness:  Bring your mind to the awareness that God's goodwill is all around you and with you.

Remember, the Lord is here; His Spirit IS with us [you]


Say slowly and thoughtfully:


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.  Lord, enter into my body, my mind and my spirit, and heal me from all that harms me and give me your peace.




Lord, I am sorry for the times when I have been hasty or unkind - thought or acted selfishly, failed to forgive or ask forgiveness, forgotten your presence, taken your love for granted.  I thank you for your promise to forgive all those who turn back to you in penitence.  Amen


A prayer for the day


Lord help me to live this day quietly, easily,

to lean upon Your great strength trustfully, powerfully,

to wait for the unfolding of Your will patiently, serenely,

to meet others peacefully, joyously and

to face tomorrow confidently and courageously.  Amen.


If there is something that you wish to thank God for:


Lord, thank you for Your presence here, for the opportunity to pray, for the promise of peace, for the beauty of the world, the kindness of people, for all those whom I love - and who love me - for Your love towards me [and especially for -------] for the cross of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  help me to show my gratitude in deeds as well as words.




A prayer for someone else - [name .............]


May the healing love of God come upon you, making you whole in body, mind and spirit,

assuring you of His presence ever with you and of His Grace sufficient for your every need.



A prayer  for when we are troubled or anxious


Lord, I am troubled

I am anxious and distressed for myself - for others - especially about ---

Help me to trust your love, for you to carry our sorrows.

Teach me to act and speak in the way that you want.  give me the wisdom to know when not to interfere.  Calm my fears, for all things are in your hands



Lord, I pray for

My family - my friends -

My neighbours at home. at work, the ones I like - and dislike, for those involved in disaster or war.  Bless

them, Father, in their various troubles and show me how I may help.  Amen


A final prayer


Breathe on me breath of God

Fill me with life anew

THat I may love what thou dost love

And do what thou wouldst do

Breathe on me breath of God

Intil my heart is pure

Until with thee I will one will to do and to endure


And please give me, O Lord

The right meaning of words

The light of intelligence

And the belief in faith

So that I may learn how to tell people

In what I believe.  Amen


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